Calanthe Tracis is a Ultraviolet and the current queen of Kallous.

Personality: Edit

Calanthe is a jealous, distrustful, and very closed dragon. She reveals nothing about her past, save contempt, and very little about her emotions. She views everyone as useless, superficial trash, placing herself "above" them. More often than not, she judges based on looks.

Her experiences with Thar has taught her a weird sense of empathy and compassion. She can be kind and understanding, but only to people who have had similar experiences. Now she has a tendency to mask herself in sarcasm and take comfort in the coldness and alienation of her new position. She gets a lot of joy and entertainment meddling in the personal lives of her peers, and loves to watch them bow and scrape to gain her favor. Her time has queen has granted her wisdom and insight into the ways of her subjects that she never had before.

History: Edit

Calanthe grew up in the poorer area of [Kingdom_of_Sands|Dunescape]. Her mother worked tirelessly as a seamstress, but got very little money for her efforts. Her father was a captain in Kallous's army, but they saw nothing of his paycheck. He was always off somewhere else, only coming home to "check on" his wife. His children were ignored; tossed out of the house with nothing but a few coins to comfort them. Calanthe's money and food was often stolen by her bigger, stronger siblings. She was the runt of the already stunted litter. She surprised her mother every day by staying alive.

As soon as she reached adolescence, Calanthe ran away. She knew no one would miss her, and that her family would be better of without her. This, unfortunately, was true. 

Calanthe, homeless and hungry, searched frantically through the ravaged city of Dunescape for a job. Her dream was to own herself and take care of herself, but in the impoverished and dangerous Kallous, this was not the case. She was abused constantly by passersby, and withdrew within herself. 

Eventually, she was picked up by a Duotone. The two-headed took her in; feeding and caring for her. For the first time in her life she felt something like love and compassion, but that feeling was short lived. The run-down house where she was taken was a whorehouse. A popular one, at that. At an early age she was forced into prostitution to pay for her room and board. The Duotone in charge turned hateful and abusive, despite Calanthe's pitiful efforts to make peace. 

Calanthe's surprising beauty and grace became infamous throughout Dunescape. She was brought to King Thar in her employer's hopes of a bigger paycheck. Thar was struck by her looks and took pity on her, and she was brought to his palace to be his personal consort. She developed a close relationship with him, acting not only as his consort, but as a twisted sort of friend. She kept him company through his depression and his tirades, seeking to soothe his thoughts and influence his decisions. Some of her suggestions were enacted, and Kallous started to change for the better. Calanthe's help came to late to stop the kingdom from falling apart, but her secret machinations put her in a place of power and helped soften the blow when Thar was eventually assassinated by an unknown assailant.

The rule of the Kallous was going to be passed to one of Thar's generals, as Thar had no heir. None of his children from his relationships with his mistresses were thought to have survived, but Calanthe revealed that she had secreted away an egg for her own protection. The reign was passed to her child, but she took up the reign of queen in hopes of making the kingdom a better place, at least until her child was old enough to rule.

Almost immediately after her ascent into office, Calanthe set about making drastic changes to Kallous. Her first action was to abolish prostitution and set into place various welfare benefits for the poor and underprivileged. The few rich citizens of Kallous were outraged, but Calanthe paid them off and gave many of them places in office. She cleared out the bandits from the desert, making it safe for the various nomadic tribes. She created military police and sent them to Hangver to help the chaotic colony gain some semblance of peace. A caravan route was put in place to facilitate trade between Kallous and Bellona. She repaired relationships with the kingdoms who had distanced themselves from Kallous during its downfall (namely Fortrefels). Kallous slowly became a female-dominated society, with Calanthe at it's head.

During the Great War: Edit


Powers and Abilities: Edit

Physical attraction, manipulation, and queenly authority.

Relationships: Edit


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