Faer Lorne is a Swallowtail and a traveling bard from Sanctity.

Personality: Edit

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"Faer lives for adventure. He wishes to spend his days scurrying around the land, exploring places that no one else has ventured to. Some may call him brave, and some may call him stupid, but either way, Faer is fearless in the face of danger. He cares little for his personal safety and only wants to feel the thrill of the journey. He doesn't do too well with people, hence why he is a traveling merchant. He pushes people to their limits and doesn't take "I can't do it" as an excuse. Faer is stubborn to the core and his arrogance can seem ridiculous at times. While he has a good eye for spotting things out of place, he is completely oblivious to how he should act socially. Despite his lack of ability to deal with other living beings, Faer is actually quite loyal to those who are close to him. He tries his best to get along with others, but he always seems to fall short."

History: Edit

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"Faer was born into a large family in the Sanctity. He had about thirty-seven siblings, all ranging in different ages. The older siblings would take care of the younger ones and everyone who was at least five years or older had to do house chores and or work a job. Faer was a middle child and was never anything special. His grades were average, his appearance wasn't anything special, he didn't have any special needs, his attitude wasn't anything peculiar, and his personality seemed to fit in with any other young male. However, Faer did not care for attention and found that he fell in love with the feel of exploring. Faer was always wandering around the kingdom, exploring places he had never been to. As time went by, these escapades became more and more dangerous. Instead of checking out the bakery he had never been into, Faer was scaling up mountains and waltzing through pitch black caverns. It soon became normal for Faer to not return for days, weeks, and even months on end. One day, Faer took his satchel and left the kingdom and never came back. Now, he travels to where he pleases and dreams of adventuring through the most dangerous and brilliant places Tantamount has to offer."

During the Great War: Edit


Powers and Abilities: Edit


Relationships: Edit


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