Magic in Tantamount is rather complex and comes in a wide selection of varieties. Very few breeds are born with the natural gift of magic and even fewer of non-magical breeds have it. Magic is delicate and could only be mastered through working with it. Those who are proficient with magic are millenniums old and have dedicated a good portion of their lives to the art of magic.

History of Magic Edit

(As told by The Raconteur)

"...Why are you looking at me like that? What? You're confused? About what? Did I screw up my tense again or- Oh. You didn't understand the bit about magic? Ah, I can understand that. Magic is everywhere, but very few actually understand it. Even those who posses such power often don't comprehend just what they're capable of. I guess magic here in Tantamount is different from magic in Avadox, isn't it? I'll try to not get into the boring details, but if I start to drag on, do stop me, preferably by offering me one of those tasty seed cakes that waitress that just passed by had.

Magic is a... bit of a heavy topic. Everyone seems to view it in two ways. On one hand, it is a natural born gift given to a few and mastered by even fewer. It is a blessing of whatever deity you pick and should be nurtured and cared for, least it is abused. On the other hand, it is seriously powerful. Are you seriously going to expect people to not lose their shit when they realize that some people can move rocks with their minds? Some people think all magic users should locked away in towers and be watched over by people who can tame their powers. So we have one group of people who doesn't want to be oppressed for having world shattering powers and another group of people who want to control the people who have world shattering powers by oppressing them and shoving them in towers. As you can imagine, the whole situation is a bit bizarre.

About a few centuries or so after the kingdoms were established, one of the monarchs thought, "Hey, I should probably do something about this bullshit." So began the Arcane Circle. Have you heard of the Order of Mouseion? Yeah, they're related. The Arcane Circle is an organization of warriors from all shapes and forms of life trained for the sole purpose of controlling magic. In the past, before the kingdoms were created, people with magic did whatever they pleased. Magic was feared and revered, sorta how it is today but less drug addicts and more flying squirrels. Did I mention there was a lot less magic in the olden days than there are today? No? Ah well, it doesn't matter, back to my point. Magic was a lot less controlled. Sacrificing a village to a demon was just on the, "this probably isn't a good thing to do," list as opposed to the, "this is outlawed and will get your ass in the gallows," list. To sum it up, mages could run around and blow everything up and nobody really did anything about it. It wasn't until one monarch thought that being able to blow someone's head up with you mind was dangerous did someone take action.

The Arcane Circle, although officially established, didn't actually do anything besides existing until seven years later. At that point, they had gathered enough support and soldiers to be a force to be reckoned with. At the command of the monarch, the Arcaneists marched and began their mission of taming magic. As you may take it, mages weren't exactly too happy with the idea of people coming around and telling them what sort of magic they could and could not do. You see, within the seven years of building the Circle did, one of the big things they established was what was "good" magic and what was "bad" magic. It's a pretty general list. Bad magic, or the more formal term, "Forbidden Magic", mostly revolves around using blood, bringing back the dead, using anything that can explode a village in a time of peace, and so on while the good list, consisted of everything that wasn't bad. There were, ah, uh, a few types of magic that were on neither list by either pure ignorance of said magics, the likely option, or the writers of said laws being lazy, the unlikely but more funny option. Either way, mages weren't exactly happy about this.

Long story short, shit happened, lots of shit. Some mages were okay with the Arcane Circle and others were really not okay with it. A few wars happen, some revolts, people got pissy, and pretty much it was just irritating for everyone. [To be continued.]

Schools of Magic Edit

There are different schools of magic and each school has four specializations within it. Most individuals can learn the basics of each school, but mastering a specialization of a school requires millenniums of work. Because of such, most masters are only skilled in a one specializations as opposed to all of them. Some individuals have a affinity for a certain school and excel in said school, but this is rather uncommon and most mages have to pick a school they like. All breeds are connected to one specific specialization of magic, including normally non-magical breeds which very rarely produce a mage. A Magi, for example, is more likely to succeed in Arcane than a Black because Magis are of the Arcane specialization. Mages do not know which school they are best in when they are born.

They must go through a procedure to see what school they are best fitted for. This test includes touching a stone that contains the essence of a certain school. Each specialization has their own specific stone that contains the essence of it. If a stone glows when a mage touches it, then it means that that mage has an affiliation with that specific specialization. Not all mages have an affiliation with a certain specialization, however, not being close to a certain specialization is rather rare and normally seen as a bad omen.

Elemental Edit

The Elemental School of Magic is the most commonly performed school. It the easiest school to learn and gives a great deal of benefits. Almost all mages know the basics of at least one specialization of the Elemental School if not all of them. Masters of the Elemental School are not hard to find and can be found in all of the kingdoms of Tantamount. While it is easy to learn the basics of the Elemental School, it is just as hard to master a specialization as it is in the other schools.

Fire Edit

Magic that controls thermal heat. Fire is perhaps the most commonly used form of magic. It is great for offense and can prove to be a good defense. Fire magic isn't used commonly in conjuring spells and can be used in healing by a skilled healer. It is often criticized for being destructive and there are several bad stereotypes of those who use fire magic. Users of fire magic called pyromancers. The stone associated with fire magic is prickly with an orange tint and a red flare within the center of it; the stone emits a soft glow from inside its core and is cozily warm.

A simple spell consists of maintains a small, open flame and directing it's movement.

An advanced spell consists of spraying flames from one's fingers or mouth.

An adept spell consists of creating and inferno and scorching the area around the caster.

A master spell consists of controlling the essence of a flame; the caster must have complete control over a flame's size, shape, heat intensity, and movement at all times.

Water Edit

Magic that concerns controlling water from any substance. Water magic is primarily used in the kingdoms of Sanctity and Fortrefels but is not uncommon elsewhere. It is great for defense and can be used for a good offense as well. It is uncommonly used for conjuring spells and is even more uncommon in healing. Water magic is normally seen as a pacifistic magic despite the fact that it can be a truly powerful weapon. Users of water magic are called aquariuses. The stone associated with water magic is smooth and a clear, crystal blue.

A simple spell consists of moving water around in slow movements.

An advanced spell consists of controlling different forms of water, such as water from a swamp and sea water, and controlling it to the same extent.

An adept spell consists of controlling a large amount of water and being able to move it around quickly.

A master spell consists on controlling entire waves of water and being able to manipulate all forms of water.

Earth Edit

Magic that concerns controlling earth as in rocks and dirt. Earth Magic is primarily used in Fortrefels and Hangver, but it is not uncommon in Bellona, Hangver and Sanctity. It is a mix between defense and offense as it is good at both, but it is poor for conjuring and healing. It is most commonly practiced as way to help construct buildings and such and is normally not seen as an attacking magic. Users of earth magic are called geomancers. The stone associated with earth magic strikingly resembles an ordinary rock and is oddly heavy.

A simple spell consists of controlling the movement of a rock without touching it.

An advanced spell consists of shaping a rock into the shape you desire.

An adept spell consists of moving a large rock or a collection or large rocks.

A master spell consists of creating an intricate design in specific surface or lifting a large quantity of hefty boulders; miniature earthquakes are the result of master Earth Magic spells.

Air Edit

Magic that concerns manipulating air. Air magic is the least common specialization of the Elements as it is seen as least useful than the other specializations. It is mostly used by mages in Sanctity and Phorcys and is not usually practiced elsewhere. It is slightly more efficient in defense and offensive spells than it is with conjuring, but it is practically unused in healing. It's normally used by people who sail boats and those who wish to combat harsh air currents when flying. Users of air magic are called zephyrs. The stone associated with air magic is extremely thin and is as blue as the sky with puffs of white drifting within it; the stone feels as though it weighs nothing.

A simple spell consists of conjuring a breeze strong enough to blow leaves away.

An advanced spell consists of creating a strong wind powerful enough to lift pygmies into the air.

An adept spell consists of crafting a powerful gust strong enough to lift most breeds off from the ground.

A master spell consists of harnessing the power of a present air current and adding onto it's power, making it obey the user's bidding and become as strong as a storm.

Magi Edit

The Magi School of Magic is somewhat of an off-shoot of the Elemental School. It focuses on primarily on a specifics of the earthly world as opposed to a broad subject. It is less common that the Elemental school but more commonly used than Carnal or Divine. Masters of the Magi School are somewhat more difficult to find, but there is at least a handful of masters in each kingdom. The basics of a specialization in the Magi school aren't easy to learn, but they aren't as hard to learn as say the basics of the Carnal School or Divine School.

Lightning Edit

Magic that concerns controlling lightning and the properties of it. Lightning magic is a combination of fire and air magic. In order to learn lightning magic, one must know the basics of fire and air magic. It is primarily used in Sanctity and the Order and is somewhat uncommon elsewhere. It is wholly offensive, somewhat used in conjuring, and not often used in defense and healing. It is usually paired up with water and air magic to create storms. Users of lightning magic are called strikers. The stone associated with lightning magic is a dark gray with a zig-zagging stripe of white in the middle of it.

A simple spell consists of summoning a simple bolt of lightning.

An advanced spell consists of summoning a small cloud from which lightning can shoot from.

An adept spell consists of controlling wild lightning and being able to direct lighting from a natural cloud.

A master spell consists of creating a storm with lightning shooting out at your whim.

Ice Edit


White Edit


Black Edit


Carnal Edit

The Carnal School of Magic is one of the more uncommon schools. Its specializations are much harder to master than those of the Elemental and Magi Schools. It focuses on mental abilities as opposed to physical ones and requires more rituals and chants than any other school. Masters of the Carnal School are rare and the masters that do exist require one to search for the. Since most master spells of the Carnal School are extremely tolling on the body and mind, very few mages seek to become a master of the school.

Arcane Edit


Force Edit


Blood Edit


Creation Edit


Divine Edit

The Divine School of Magic is the most powerful school. It cannot be learned by just anyone and mages who can perform a specialization from the Divine School must be born with such power. Mages that are in the Divine School can normally only learn one specialization, but there are legends of beings that wielded more than one. There are only rumors of masters of the Divine School and if there are any nobody knows where they are. The Divine School is special in that it doesn't have spell levels. The only difference between a novice and a master is how well they can control their powers and to what extent their power grows.

Time Edit


Space Edit


Spirit Edit


Change Edit


Spell Levels Edit

There are different spell levels depending on how skilled a mage is at their magic. Spell levels are used to identify how trained one is at magic. Some spells require one to recite the words of it before use.

Simple Spells Edit

Simple spells are easy to execute and take the least amount of time to learn. The user just needs to concentrate on what they want done and it will happen. Simple spells take little energy out of the user after use.

Advanced Spells Edit

Advanced spells, despite their name, are the most common form of spells. They are fairly easy to execute, but require recitation when first learning but don't require recitation when the user masters the spell. Some advanced spells are harder and require recitation of the spell every time it is used. Advanced spells can tire a user after use, but just how much energy is sapped depends on how well the user knows the spell that is used and how hard the spell is to preform.

Adept Spells Edit

Adept spells are difficult spells to perform. They require years, if not decades or more, of training before one can dare to perform them. They require the user to recite the words of a spell before they can use it. The user must concentrate when using an adept spell and if concentration is broken, the spell may go haywire. Adept spells are much stronger than simple and advanced spells and should not be looked upon lightly. Adept spells can leave the user exhausted, but just how tried the user is depends on how well the user knows the spell that is used and how the hard the spell is to preform.

Master Spells Edit

Master spells are the rarest types of spells and can take years, if not centuries, to perfect. They often take hours or days to prepare for and some may even take years to fully execute. The require the user's full concentration, thus the user will enter a meditative state to conserve energy. These spells take all of the energy out of the user and may even require the energy of others to be preformed. Master spells are extremely tolling and can even impair the user, if not kill them, after use. However, the effects of these spells are astounding and can lead to phenomenal results.

Offensive Spells Edit


Defensive Spells Edit


Healing Spells Edit


Conjuring Spells Edit


Illusionary Spells Edit


Notable Mages Edit

Your mom

Known Spells Edit


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