Tantamount is the continent in which the Dying Dynasties series takes place. It is the first continent discovered on its world.

About Tantamount Edit

Tantamount is the fictional continent on which the events of Ambrosia of War, Birth of the Holidays, Comminatory Desolation, Dying Dynasties, Era of Terror, Fractious Unity, and Glyphic Memorandum took place or were scheduled to take place. The story and setting are being revamped to fit a new version of Dying Dynasties.

History Edit


Kingdoms & Organizations Edit

  • Sanctity
  • Kallous
  • Hangver
  • Fortrefels
  • Phorcys
  • Bellona
  • Nox Noctis
  • The Order

Other Continents Edit

The Holiday Islands

Islands of Cede


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