The Raconteur is the supposed narrator or "storyteller" of Dying Dynasties. She explains the story from the very beginning, starts and ends acts, interrupts the story when something needs to be explained, and even occasional appears in Dying Dynasties. She is telling the story of Dying Dynasties to the listeners (AKA, the writers).

Personality: Edit

The Raconteur is a cheerful storyteller who, although humorous, uses sarcasm and comedy as a crutch. She is warm to strangers and appears to be rather charismatic. She adores stories zestfully, but may have a problem with staying strictly to what actually happened. She is rather dramatic and has no problem with adding a little spice to the truth as opposed to drilling out straight facts. She is not easily put off and will keep a smile even through an argument. Her charm can easily be seen as either fantastically alluring or disturbingly ominous depending on how one views it.

The Raconteur gives off the impression that she knows a ton more than she is telling which is, evidently, true. As delightful as she may seem on the outside, it doesn't require a genius to tell that she's hiding something, or a lot of things to be exact. She can seem spiteful when retelling certain parts of the story and may throw in her own emotions into her storytelling; whether such incidents are intentional or not are unknown. All in all, the Raconteur is an effervescent storyteller who isn't afraid to throw in a few lies to make the story more dramatic and is hiding something in the back of mind. Probably the fact that the malt in the tavern tastes the same way fish smells. Someone probably put fish oil in it. Scandalous.

History: Edit

Nothing is known about the Raconteur's history beyond that she has been acquainted with significant people in the past.

During the Great War: Edit

The story begins with Raconteur greeting unknown figures into a tavern. She welcomes them as old friends and insists that they take a seat as she tells them a new story. She warns them about the ale of the tavern and begins the story.

Powers and Abilities: Edit

She can tell a damn good story and you know it.

As the narrator of Dying Dynasties, the Raconteur can manipulate the story as she wills. She will occasionally butt into the story to do one of several things.

Acts and Arcs: Edit

There are several acts and arcs within Dying Dynasties as there is with most stories. The Raconteur will always state when an act starts and ends, however, she will not always begin or conclude an arc. While acts have defined points where they begin and end, arcs can vary in length. One arc can last for only twenty pages or so while others can take a hundred. It all depends on how long interactions between characters are and what said characters do.

Explanation: Edit

There are some things that not every commoner in Tantamount knows about. Because of this, the Raconteur will jump in and explain certain things if necessary. These explanations will show up if either the listeners ask for an explanation or if the Raconteur deems it absolutely necessary to explain. For example, the Raconteur will go out of her way to explain the relationship between two rival kingdoms because it is necessary to know such information, however, she may not talk about how the politics in a royal court are unless a listener asks about it.

Cameos: Edit

The Raconteur boldly claims to have met most, if not all, of the Heroes she speaks of in her story. As such, she will occasionally appear inside of Dying Dynasties not as a narrator but as a character. These appearances, although seemingly at random, act as a bit of a plot device. She never appears just to say hello and almost always helps the Hero(es) she meets. These appearances are brief and do not last long.

Relationships: Edit

The Raconteur recalls, before beginning the story of Dying Dynasties, that she has met most, if not all, of the Heroes in the story. She boasts about knowing many important figures throughout Tantamount and "beyond", but she does not specify what she means by that. Besides that, it is unknown what sort of relationships the Raconteur has.

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